One Wall Street’s Tricky Transition From Business Offices to Luxe Living Spaces

From urban planners to real estate developers to the White House, everyone’s talking about transforming the country’s growing lot of vacant office towers into much-needed residential units.

Sound Opinion: The Impact of Acoustics on Employee Success

The open office plan has a long and complex history in America. The origins of

Carbon Solutions for Buildings Battle It Out at PropTech Challenge

For the past six years, the PropTech Challenge has been a prominent contest where innovators in real estate technology compete for both recognition and prize money. This competition

Tracking WeWork’s Highs and Lows Over the Past Year

WeWork’s journey has had a lot of twists and turns since its inception in 2010. The

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Unlocking AI’s Potential in Creating Productive Office Environments

Artificial intelligence is already proving its prowess as a designer. The digital world was the first to embrace AI’s ability to consider hundreds of variables and generate designs based on what it thinks we would

Third Space is Reshaping Office Dynamics and Interactions

Gone are the days when office space can be broken down into


The Welcoming Workplace

How offices are creating a better, more productive work experience

Building a Business Case for Digital Signage

Building managers face an uphill battle in delivering exceptional experiences for their

How to Use Consumer Behavior Data to Make Better Real Estate Decisions

In today's dynamic commercial real estate landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to success. Consumer behavior data has emerged

Transforming Multifamily Amenities into Revenue Streams

A deep dive into community space monetization

Maximizing Office Leasing Potential with PropTech

Leasing is the lifeblood of commercial real estate. It is one of the top priorities of building owners and managers even