Lender Takes Control of Chicago Office Tower in Uncontested Auction

The U.S. office market's post-pandemic epidemic of foreclosures amid the billions in looming maturities rages on. With high-interest rate loans and stringent lending terms, refinancing deals

Tech Industry Struggles With Hybrid Work Adoption

Tech companies are reevaluating the office as employees prioritize social connections over remote work. Will

Inside Multifamily Giant Greystar’s First Life Sciences Project

Given the upheaval of the office market, it’s not all that surprising these days to hear about a company that focuses mainly on developing and owning offices to

New Climate Rules Are an Opportunity, Not a Threat, to Commercial Real Estate

Shortly after mobilizing $400 million of long-awaited Inflation Reduction Act funds to facilitate the adoption

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Unlocking AI’s Potential in Creating Productive Office Environments

Artificial intelligence is already proving its prowess as a designer. The digital world was the first to embrace AI’s ability to consider hundreds of variables and generate designs based on what it thinks we would

Third Space is Reshaping Office Dynamics and Interactions

Gone are the days when office space can be broken down into


The Welcoming Workplace

How offices are creating a better, more productive work experience

Building a Business Case for Digital Signage

Building managers face an uphill battle in delivering exceptional experiences for their

How to Use Consumer Behavior Data to Make Better Real Estate Decisions

In today's dynamic commercial real estate landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to success. Consumer behavior data has emerged

Transforming Multifamily Amenities into Revenue Streams

A deep dive into community space monetization

Maximizing Office Leasing Potential with PropTech

Leasing is the lifeblood of commercial real estate. It is one of the top priorities of building owners and managers even