A Guide to the Building Efficiency Mandates Sweeping Across the U.S.

By Nick Pipitone
  • Around 30 U.S. cities are implementing new building efficiency rules to reduce carbon emissions, and our interactive guide showcases a selection of them.
  • Property owners, especially those with national portfolios, are facing the need to navigate various regulations, and compliance may require significant investments and resources.
  • The consequences of non-compliance extend beyond fines, potentially affecting property value and tenant relationships, underscoring the importance of strategic preparedness.

Tracking the growing number of building performance standards in U.S. cities and states can be mind-numbing for any real estate owner. Property owners with national portfolios must analyze detailed efficiency mandates in markets spanning from Los Angeles to New York City. Figuring out these regulations is enough to require a new full-time employee, and, in […]

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By Nick Pipitone Propmodo Staff Writer
Nick is an accomplished writer and content producer who has contributed extensively to Propmodo with numerous articles focusing on built environment topics.