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Can a Cloud Security System Make Your Building More Valuable?

Commercial property owners face various security risks, from unauthorized access to vandalism and theft. The stakes are high; security incidents not only threaten the safety…

Future-Proofing Multifamily Properties With Smart Access Control

I’m often asked by leaders in multifamily housing how they can leverage technology to deliver a world-class tenant experience and future-proof their properties. One effective…

How Mobile Phones Are Changing Access Control Systems Forever

Today, technology is no longer just a part of our lives; it’s a ubiquitous presence that affects how we live and work. When it comes…

2024’s Real Estate Outlook Shaped by Cutting-Edge Technologies

We're entering the fourth year of the post-pandemic commercial real estate world. Average weekly office attendance is roughly half of 2020 levels, but attendance swings…

Adopting Mobile Access for Buildings Just Got a Lot Easier

Mobile phones have revolutionized our daily lives, replacing numerous traditional tools and devices, and are now transforming how we make payments and access physical spaces.…

Transforming Multifamily Amenities into Revenue Streams

A deep dive into community space monetization

The Risks and Rewards of Facial Recognition Tech in Office Buildings

Offices have been integrating much more technology over the last several years, especially as a way to bring people back after the pandemic. One of…

Buildings Are Connecting to the Tools That Workers Use Everyday

The last thing that most people want is another work application on their phone. The average workplace has 88 applications that employees have to use,…

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