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Logan Nagel

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Automation May Not Kill Real Estate Jobs, But It’ll Necessitate Retraining

When the machine gun was first invented in the latter part of

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Space-as-a-service is a concept we discuss often. It's fitting, as the new

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Knowledge is power. It's a motto that accurately sums up much of

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The age of development is upon us. Positive macroeconomic indicators alongside what

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Numerous commercial real estate decisions rely on a fascinating mix of thorough

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Data access is something that the real estate industry has been dealing

The Pitfalls of Commercial Real Estate Data Overload

The business of commercial real estate feeds on data. Brokers depend on

Optimizing for Automation in Real Estate

As a junior member of my region’s most active 10- to 120-unit

The Resurgence of the Brooklyn Navy Yard and the Future of Urban Manufacturing

A shipyard almost as old as the United States itself? Perhaps not

It Takes a Village to Make a City Smart

Much of what I have written about for Propmodo has been focused