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What’s the Use of Mixed-Use Buildings?

Last month, Brookfield Properties opened their new mixed-use tower, Manhattan West. Skidmore,

The Promise and the Myth of Green Rooftops

Last week, news broke that the Brooklyn Navy Yard, an industrial complex

The Broker Behind New York’s Hottest New Gallery District

Tribeca has always been a historic area of New York City, its

How Will the Future Judge Supertalls?

Currently The Skyscraper Museum in New York City is showcasing an exhibition

Business Improvement Districts Are Helping Retailers Fight Back

At the Petit Paris on Bloor Street West, a group of local

Byte Sized Real Estate Investments

By now you probably already know about NFTs. You probably already know

LED Glass is About to Make Our Buildings Much More Entertaining

Imagine if the glass windows of a skyscraper could be a video

Rikers Island’s Second, Greener Life

Rikers Island in New York is famous for many things, none of

The Increasing Value of Outdoor Urban Spaces

With pandemic forcing our society outdoors, we will all be using park

The Pandemic Has Shown the Value and Limitation of Virtual Home Staging

Interior designers have built an entire cottage industry on staging homes for

Nine Firms Changing Real Estate With Artificial Intelligence

Real estate is not a new industry. It has been formed over

How Does a Popular Attraction Change a Neighborhood?

Los Angeles is no stranger to change, but its latest addition is