Boosting Smart Office Building Performance with Data Driven Solutions

After a few turbulent years, office attendance is finally beginning to stabilize. While the general occupancy is still lower than pre-pandemic levels, this doesn’t fully capture the current situation. Businesses are reevaluating their use of physical workspaces, leading to a shift in their requirements from office buildings. Rather than serving merely as a place for focused individual work, offices are increasingly becoming hubs for collaboration.

This shift in office use has also changed what occupiers seek in a workspace. The preference has moved towards intelligent, amenity-rich offices. These modern spaces are designed to enhance productivity, creativity, and company culture. To meet the expectations of today’s companies, office buildings must evolve. A key part of this evolution is the effective use of data. Fortunately, buildings are generating more data than ever before. However, this data must be utilized and communicated effectively to improve office performance and market appeal.

In this Propmodo Research E-Book, we investigate how the collection, analysis, and application of data can transform building operations. We will explore various strategies that can help in increasing revenue, reducing expenses, and pinpointing the most advantageous upgrades for any building.

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