One Wall Street’s Tricky Transition From Business Offices to Luxe Living Spaces

From urban planners to real estate developers to the White House, everyone’s talking about transforming the country’s growing lot of

Barbra Murray By Barbra Murray

Carbon Solutions for Buildings Battle It Out at PropTech Challenge

For the past six years, the PropTech Challenge has been a prominent contest where innovators in real estate technology compete

Franco Faraudo By Franco Faraudo

Adaptable Design Concepts Are Growing Amid Office Market Shifts

Call it the era of building conversions. Owners, developers, and city leaders are thinking more about a building’s potential use

Holly Dutton By Holly Dutton

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LA’s Coolest New Office Tower Marvels in Its Empty Elegance

In his recently released book, Humanise: A Maker’s Guide to Building Our World, Thomas Heatherwick, founder of London-based design and architecture firm Heatherwick Studio, asserts

By Barbra Murray

The New Wave of Heat Pumps in Building Decarbonization

At a recent panel discussion during New York Climate Week, executives from some of the most well-known real estate firms, banks, and investment firms were

By Holly Dutton

The EV Revolution’s Impact on Commercial Real Estate

As Americans have increasingly become more concerned with climate change and looked to shift away from fossil fuels, stricter legislation around emissions is driving the

By Holly Dutton

Outdoor Workspace To Take Center Stage at Downtown Los Angeles Office Project

Companies are still trying to court (or command) workers back into the office, attempting to lure them with the latest amenities that would make any

By Barbra Murray

For Real Estate, the “S” in ESG Isn’t Just About People-Pleasing

Being green has been a top priority for the commercial real estate industry for the last couple of decades, so it may be easy to

By Barbra Murray

Tech’s Answer to Age-Old Indoor Temperature Problems

If you have worked in an office for any period of your life, you have likely said to yourself, “Why is it so damn cold

By Franco Faraudo

Zero Waste Buildings Are On the Rise

In the heart of Brooklyn, well known online retailer Etsy has made how it handles waste at its headquarters one of its crowning achievements. When

By Holly Dutton

Carbon Footprints and Construction: The Dilemma of Old vs. New Buildings

In order to stop climate change, the world needs to reduce the carbon emissions of our buildings. That isn’t up for debate. Reports have repeatedly

By Franco Faraudo
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