To market, manage, and connect property investors and loan offerings worldwide, CBRE has launched CBRE Deal Flow—a new online marketplace for buying and selling real estate, built on a customized version of Real Capital Markets’  (RCM) popular sales and marketing platform.

The platform creates a singular source for CBRE property sale and portfolio listings, whereby all working group interactions are managed using one integrated communications ecosystem.

Kevin Aussef, CBRE Executive Director, said: “In this global market, there is an abundance of capital from all corners of the world chasing the same opportunities, so knowledge of global and local market forces can make or break portfolios—investors need to be extremely agile and connected, continuously in-sync with market trends.”

Founded in 1999, RCM’s technology solutions streamline the sales and marketing process for buyers, sellers, and brokers. To date, the company has facilitated the execution of more than 37,000 assignments with total consideration in excess of $1.5 trillion. Approximately one third of all U.S. commercial assets sold, over $10 million, are brought to market using RCM’s online marketplace.

“The launch of CBRE Deal Flow marks a watershed moment for technology’s role in the commercial real estate industry,“ said Stephen Alter, RCM’s Founder & CEO.

“CBRE’s custom configuration of the RCM platform introduces new advancements that increase efficiency and transparency, enhance global connectivity and optimize market intelligence like never before. CBRE understands the value of advancing commercial real estate technology to better serve the investment community,” he added.

The new platform puts a vast amount of buyer data at broker’s fingertips to help them attract the right investors and boost their level of engagement throughout the sales process. With the entire sales and marketing toolkit in one place, CBRE is hoping to eliminate the need for several different service providers.

“Deal Flow features a map that shows where interested capital is coming from across the world on my listing,” says Todd Mills of Austin and San Antonio CBRE. “At any given moment, I can track the flow of capital from Texas to Dubai to Beijing which enhances my strategic conversations with the seller and reduces risk.”

Every email is timed to hit the market at the right time and then monitored to ensure delivery to the right people. Bounced communications are placed on a master suppression list so emails are not forever lost on the information superhighway.

“Ensuring emails are delivered matters; it enables a higher response rate and brings bidders to the table,” says John Karver of Chicago CBRE. “My deals are now reaching far more investors.”

Investors can share their acquisition criteria, which allows brokers to augment their contacts to ensure assets, are matched with the right buyers.

Among the other features is a simple process to set-up, launch and execute listings. Sellers get consistent investor activity reports; investors have a simple CA signing process and virtual deal room experience; and deals “flow” through the stages of a disposition.