London, Berlin, Mumbai, Ireland, Vienna, Netherlands, Brazil, Belgium, South Africa, Spain, France, Thailand, Israel, Denmark and on and on and on.

Property and in this context Commercial Property is GLOBAL. That’s a given. The tech and the community surrounding it are by all accounts growing at a breakneck pace.

Pop on Twitter and take a quick look.

#CRE #CRETech #PropTech #RETech, #RealEstateTech #PropertyTech and a new one I have been working #PROTech. Hey, let’s see you try and steal that one! What was that again? #PROTech

#PROTech, yeah that says a lot. Think about it. There is a point to this, and I will get to that later.

Just follow a few of those, and the depth and breadth of content are unreal.

I recently did a chat session with Richard Sarkis CEO Reonomy for by invitation at the Dutch Consulate in New York.

They had been on a bit of world wind trip to Boston and New York, meeting people, getting demos and seeking out and networking with the community of real estate and technology here in the United States.

Call it a fact finding/dinner/mind meld/high level/dig into the US tech world.

That was the intention to start with and by all accounts was a success.

A quick side. Wow, are these people smart, enthusiastic and a bunch of fun to be around. It was refreshing, and an evening I enjoyed immensely. They gave me a Netherlands themed gift. How cool and thoughtful is that?

So, just a group of brilliant, intelligent people focusing on solving problems and figuring out ways to improve real estate.

It’s happening all over the globe.

That must be nothing but a good thing correct?

I like you would assume so.

But what are the real problems we are trying to solve?

Is there a collective consensus on what that could or should be?

Probably not at this point and it’s easy to understand why.

No matter where we are on this planet we all have to deal with the different systems, laws, regulations and the legacy or traditional “practices” of all aspects of real estate.

Fixing what is wrong, ridiculous, inefficient, and nowhere near a world standard in your backyard is an obvious priority.

Along with that, there have been several conferences organizations and networking opportunities that exist now that were never even thought possible as recently as two or three years ago.

Again, how is that not a good thing? Minds connecting with minds to figure out a way to make it happen.

It’s exciting amazing and daunting all at the same time.

Most of “this” started for me as far back as ten years ago. I was always the guy who “understood” technology.

I think of it as the guy who was willing to understand it and not have my head up my ass instead.

As much as I have created some form of visibility within this “thing” or as I always say “hiding in plain site” there are many who choose to remain under the radar on purpose.

Oh, how I applaud them and their willingness to just do the work.

They are indeed out there, and you may never know (Thomas, Dennis, Rich to name a select few) how much of the groundwork has been laid and then some.

Having said that I also see so many trying to take the mantle as the “leader of the tribe.”

It’s not mine to hand over, it never was and sure as hell has never been anything worth one second of my time. (Ironically I am of Native American heritage.)

I’ve heard of people hiring a PR and marketing firm to help them get out the message. Wow, really?

Want to try and be everybody’s friend and kiss ass be my guest. Want to get your picture on and in every possible publication out there, go ahead and do it.

There never will EVER be one significant person (maybe in their fucking delusional mind) who could have that kind of impact. Do you want to take that on as a challenge? Come the fuck on.

It has always been all of us. When I say us the first thing I think about is brokers. It’s my DNA.

You know, brokers as in the people who create all the transactions that make the entire commercial real estate business money. All the best and brightest know that to be the truth.

I acknowledge it’s everyone no matter where you are or what your function within real estate.

Every piece of real estate and tech can and should be looked at as an opportunity to innovate, improve and change the world.

Sure as fuck, not a PR opportunity.

I’m cheering for the people who would be embarrassed to see their name or picture anywhere.

The doers, the people who know what the actual fuck is going on, every day.

The people with real ideas and possible solutions to the problems in their backyards and at the same time the entire plant and why not.

That’s how it is happening now and will continue to happen as it always has.

I challenge you to dig deeper and work for real change.

You are not by any measure alone, but you alone can and will be a part of the global community that will change real estate forever.

The community or communities that have been and or are being built are spectacular and how can I express my admiration for their passion.

At the start, I mentioned #PROTech. It’s what we will become if we are not already close to that now.

It’s what I call the practice of PROfessional Technology.

#PROTech on a global scale. Call it #CRE #Prop #RE if you want.

Call it #CRE or #Prop or #RE or whatever you want.

If we ALL decide that we are #PROTech how far can we go?

I asked at the beginning, #CRE and #TECH Is Now A Global Community. Is That A Good Thing?

Hell yes, and that’s a good thing, even better it’s how we will change the world.

Who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

I do.

+1 One thing I forgot to mention. There is someone or something out there that pays no attention to any of this, and they are flat out killing it and not only forging their path they are laying down a base of technology the rest of us may never catch up to.

Duke Long

Duke LongDuke Long is a twenty-year veteran of commercial real estate. He is the broker/owner of The Duke Long Agency. He is also known for writing his strong opinions about all things CRE at He has delivered numerous presentations and discussions about online CRE tech, marketing, data, and digital media. Indiana University allowed him to study real estate and the United States Air Force discharged him honorably.