In the first installment of CREtech Startup Marketing: How to Do It Right, Part 1, we addressed the importance of strategic positioning, brand and web presence. We featured real world examples from standout CRE/RE Tech companies ReThink, Buildout and Digsy.

Now we continue with CREtech Startup Marketing: How to Do It Right, Part 2: Blogging, PR, Video and SEO.

1. Blog Strategy

Well, could this be a series of stand alone articles just for blogging? It probably should be. It’s often neglected and at the complete peril of your company. There is no other cost effective and advantageous way to continuously tell your company story. It is and should be the very basis of your marketing strategy. It is the driver of all your company’s strategic positioning. It will help you promote your product/service to the real estate community, define credentials, clarify messages, and highlight benefits as well as drive a successful thought leadership.

Beyond the obvious face of your company the website, your company blog is your voice, make sure it stands out. Promote it and nurture it. Think carefully about editorial strategies that need to be developed, what type of writers you will allow, and what guest posting programs you implement. Make sure that all content is carefully planned and produced. Treat it as the valuable assets that it is.

Example: RealMassive and the RealMassive Blog.

Quality content created to showcase thought leadership, marketing, market analytics, top CRE searches, commercial real estate development and the timely and in depth RealMassive News.

2. Digital PR and Partnering

To support and drive the company’s web presence and social media marketing activities a digital PR and partnering program needs to be kicked off, not just to drive communications, traffic, networking and partnering but also to monitor conversations, word of mouth (WOM) and online reputation.

Twitter in my opinion should be your main tool, but an effective digital PR and partnering program should be tightly linked all your social media platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Some in commercial real estate have even pushed content out to Snapchat, YouTube, Tumblr and Reddit with interesting and effective results

Advanced digital PR techniques such as viral, crowdsourcing, community and WOM should be mastered to enhance day-to-day digital PR. In the digital domain PR should include customer and business development communications as well as the standard blogger and media outreach.

Example: Ten-X

Example: Ten-X Commercial

Example: Ten-X Homes

One thing I will have to admit here. Ten-X does an incredible job of most all things digital. The blogger outreach is without precedent. Just check my site. But, their Twitter accounts are weak. I did say Twitter was the main driving tool. Maybe I need to help them out? They are still the leaders and then some. There is always room for improvement, we can all admit to that.

3. Videos and Guerrilla Marketing

Video and guerrilla marketing programs (both for B2B and B2C environments) done in the right way can help amplify and spike awareness and WOM (word of mouth). They should be carefully produced and executed because when done in the wrong way or too fast they can backfire.

Videos and guerrilla activities are all about great, original ideas, content and production. Some of the most viral videos cost next to nothing to produce. Just get creative and remember real humor nearly always works. Humor and commercial real estate? Now that’s going viral.

Example: VTS Ice Bucket Challenge with the CEO Nick Romito surfing the streets of New York.

Example: Cushman Wakefield Australia beautiful visuals and informative commercial real estate content. They have set the standard.

4. SEO and Link-building

Semantic as well as algorithmic SEO initiatives must be applied to ensure that your web presence, blog, digital PR and social media marketing activities have a solid technical underpinning and get effectively amplified with the network dynamics that the Internet can deliver.

A link-spreading and link-baiting strategy should be tightly coordinated with the digital PR and social media marketing program. Keywords are important and a key component, research them, develop them, extend them and have them drive your content.

Example: Loopnet

Search almost any address and or commercial building in the United States. Who is usually and the most likely site to show up? Loopnet. Give them all the credit in the world. They own it!

Now that you know a great deal more about strategic positioning, brand and web presence, blogging, PR, video and SEO you are in a better position to develop an effective advertising program.

Get ready, coming next, CREtech Startup Marketing: How to Do It Right, Part 3: Advertising

Duke Long

Duke LongDuke Long is a twenty-year veteran of commercial real estate. He is the broker/owner of The Duke Long Agency. He is also known for writing his strong opinions about all things CRE at He has delivered numerous presentations and discussions about online CRE tech, marketing, data, and digital media. Indiana University allowed him to study real estate and the United States Air Force discharged him honorably.