In Part 1 of this series, we addressed strategic positioning, brand and web presence. Continuing with Part 2 – blogging, PR, video and SEO. Now we touch on a subject that most all professionals have an opinion about and clearly think they need no help in executing. Part 3 – Advertising, Online Advertising, Strategic PR, Speaking and Conferences.

1. Advertising.

So much has been said in just the recent past about the decimation of traditional advertising. Print, newspaper television, and other traditional forms of advertising have indeed declined almost to the point of irrelevance in some cases. They hang on to antiquated models and demographics in the hope that anything other than nostalgia will bring back thoughts to when they dominated the entire world and could influence entire nations. Those days are now far gone. The shift has not only transferred the power to the online environment it has also shifted that power to the individual and democratized media to the point that it’s now defined by milliseconds of influence.

2. Online Advertising.

Parts 1 and 2 put in place a firm and cost effective program with basic ingredients. Once adopted and effectively running it should be further extended and enhanced. This is what Phase 3 is about kicking off with online advertising program.

Now that you know a great deal more about your brand, product/service, market, prospects, users, clients and partners post launch. Is it just about banner ads and strategically placed links to redirect eyeballs to your website? Without question the answer is no. It’s much more and must include all aspects of your digital strategy. How are you supporting the story of your company and brand online? A thoughtful well executed cross promotional campaign is the most cost effective way to communicate to your targeted customers.

Example: CBRE. Who in commercial real estate does it any better? Sure they are called “Big Green” for a reason but they always execute and do it almost perfectly every time.

Example : CBRE Vantage. This is how to show the world you know how to do tech. They invest and implement and tell you why and how.

Example: CBRE Blueprint. This is the democratisation of media at it’s best. CBRE is in essence it’s own media company and platform. They know who their customers are and what types of content and media those customers want to consume and showcase it across all available relevant platforms.

3. Strategic PR

Digital PR activities are the PR today.

PR initiatives to strategically drive events, or research driven, high profile awareness campaigns with big media and high impact events can be developed once your brand and product/service are established.This way you’re most likely to get the response and recognition necessary.

In commercial real estate there is still today a mix of old and new school tactics to help establish that high impact presence. None do it better than MetaProp NYC the world’s premier real estate technology nexus. Operating the leading real estate tech accelerator and seed fund.

Example: Metaprop NYC Newsletter. This is a must subscribe. It has all the elements of cutting edge content for commercial real estate.

Example: MetaProp NYC Events. Planning, hosting, attending, and partnering. MetaProp NYC does it all for their brand and the companies they support.

Example: MetaProp NYC News. Any and all relevant commercial and residential real estate news along with all the positive PR for MetaProp in one spot.

I need to give a special shout out to Phil at MetaProp. He is a true pro. Yes, I do personally know him but just watch and follow everything he does. There is no one better. Learn from the master.

4. Speaking and Conferences

Once your reputation and awareness has been developed a highly targeted speaking and analyst/media briefing program should be developed to ensure that your brand remains top of mind and relevant.

By now you should be developing content and initiatives that drive your thought leadership and position in the market. It’s now time to take it on the road. I have been and will continue to be involved in conferences. If not just for the networking alone they have a value hard to match. I help create panels, outlines, presentations, and content for all types of commercial real estate conferences. Speaking on a panel and or being a keynote speaker is a prime example of taking all things digital full circle and making it personal.

Example: Nick Romito VTS

Example: David Eisenberg CBRE/Floored

Example: Craig Hancock Real Massive

These three have turned speaking at conferences into an artform.

In Part 1 of this series we addressed Strategic Positioning, Brand and Web Presence. Continuing with Part 2 – Blogging, PR, Video and SEO. And now with Part 3 – Advertising. Online Advertising, Strategic PR, Speaking and Conferences.

With so many disciplines to master there is now a distinct precedent being set by a stellar cast of professional commercial real estate startup players. In this series we addressd all the main disiplines and featured real world exapmles of CREtech Startup Marketing and How to Do It Right.

Duke Long

Duke LongDuke Long is a twenty-year veteran of commercial real estate. He is the broker/owner of The Duke Long Agency. He is also known for writing his strong opinions about all things CRE at He has delivered numerous presentations and discussions about online CRE tech, marketing, data, and digital media. Indiana University allowed him to study real estate and the United States Air Force discharged him honorably.