Ballot Showdown to Decide Fate of Tech Billionaires’ Massive Land Acquisition

When it comes to investments, tech billionaires are eager to get their hands on a lot of things, but agricultural

Barbra Murray By Barbra Murray

Pack ‘Em In: High-Density Development Is Another Key to Sustainability

Our buildings have been accused of creating around 40 percent of the world’s carbon. The resonance by regulators, investors, and

Barbra Murray By Barbra Murray

Finding Solutions to Modular Construction’s Challenges 

It sounds a bit like the stuff of 20th-century science fiction. Computers are printing buildings. Entire homes are created in

Rommel Sulit By Rommel Sulit

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These Ten U.S. Cities Are Converting the Most Offices to Residential

Stubbornly high office vacancy rates around the U.S. have led to a lot of cities and building owners exploring converting office properties to residential buildings.

By Holly Dutton

AI-Powered Software Promises To Help Speed up the Development Process

Since AI platforms opened up to the public last year, kicked off by ChatGPT’s release, commercial real estate professionals have been clamoring to find out

By Holly Dutton

AI Assists Real Estate Research, but Humans Make Investment Decisions

The post-pandemic climate has yielded a precarious commercial real estate market.  So, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to ask your chatbot to scour

By Barbra Murray

Carbon Footprints and Construction: The Dilemma of Old vs. New Buildings

In order to stop climate change, the world needs to reduce the carbon emissions of our buildings. That isn’t up for debate. Reports have repeatedly

By Franco Faraudo

Mapping Out Public Transit Ridership Rates and Office Vacancy

Getting workers back in offices is still the top priority for managers, city officials, and, of course, office building owners. What leads to more office

By Holly Dutton

Sinking Cities Like NYC Can Be Saved with Innovative Construction Methods

Last month, a study was released that found that the heavy weight of buildings, among other things, is causing New York City to sink at

By Holly Dutton

Is Virtual Reality Training a Turning Point for the Construction Industry?

There’s some pretty exciting news about the future of training in the construction industry, $750,000 worth of news to be exact. Towards the end of

By Emily Gallagher

Permeable Pavement Could Be the Next Sustainable Requirement for Buildings

As his quest to make New York City more sustainable advances, Mayor Eric Adams just dropped a bombshell announcement. Along with NYC’s Department of City

By Emily Gallagher
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