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More Energy Management

Electric Vehicle Sales Boom Drives Demand for Apartment Charging Solutions

The rapid transition to electric vehicles in the U.S., driven by government incentives, consumer sustainability demand, and rising gas prices, is increasing the need for…

The Promises and Limits of Rooftop Battery Storage

Renewable energy is a growing priority for cities and states in the US as our nation’s leaders lay out plans and roll out incentives to…

Study Validates Smart HVAC’s Ability to Save Energy in Office Buildings

Heating and cooling an office used to be really easy. People would show up in the morning and leave in the evening, Monday through Friday,…

Can Tech Help Commercial Properties Harness The Power Of The Wind? 

The idea of rooftop wind turbines seems to make perfect sense. Urban areas can be plenty windy, and the higher you place the turbines atop…

The Growing Push to Finance Renewable Energy in Office Buildings

Across the U.S., stricter laws around carbon emissions are continuing to be passed by cities and states. As those laws proliferate, office building owners and…

The Rooftop Solar Debate Has Become a Class War

Decarbonization will not be easy. Every action taken to decarbonize often comes with tradeoffs.

Will Soaring European Energy Costs Lead to More Solar Panels on Retail Buildings?

Five months ago, chef Tom Davies and his partner, Libby Driver, took over the lease of The Village Inn, a pub nestled in Swindon, England.…

The Building Electrification Conundrum 

The age of fossil fuels is over. Much of the world has already started to make its transition from coal and gas as ways to…

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