Heat Pumps in Cold Climates and Onsite Energy’s Effect on Controls

By Franco Faraudo

This week Propmodo Technology is covering innovations in HVAC. We look at some research about the effectiveness of heat pumps in extreme weather and examine how new carbon reduction policies are asking much more from HVAC building control software.

In other real estate technology news, the PropTech industry continues to face significant challenges, with several startups shutting down amid a cautious investment climate influenced by high-interest rates. We are in a period of consolidation and adjustment with little venture capital being risked. Despite the turmoil, many insiders believe there’s reason for optimism.

Even with the difficulties being faced by most of the property industry at the moment, there seems to still be money for energy upgrades. Major investors, including Blackstone and Brookfield, are channeling funds into energy-efficiency projects for buildings. This surge in investment is largely motivated by the need to reduce energy demand amid rising energy prices. Technologies such as LED lighting and advanced cooling systems are at the forefront.

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