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The Engineering Highs and Lows of the Eight Stadiums Hosting the World Cup in Qatar

Besides the games themselves, the biggest stories surrounding the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar have been the controversial ones. There is a laundry list…

Do Casinos and Big Cities Mix? Some Major Real Estate Developers Think So

Thousands of miles east of Las Vegas, big-name developers are clamoring for a rare casino license in one of the most densely-populated cities in the…

Street Art Brings Color to Real Estate Developments, But Thorny Issues, Too

Street art didn’t always use to be so socially acceptable. For most of its history, it was considered vandalism. Not many landlords or real estate…

Co-Working’s Flex Future is Taking a Page from Hotels

The co-working and flex office industry has rebounded from the darkest days of the pandemic, and brands have shifted strategies to meet users' wants and…

From Compton to the C-Suite, One Woman’s Rise to Real Estate’s Highest Position

The stark reality of poverty in America is how hard it is to claw your way out. This ascension is even harder for a woman…

Remote Work Fuels Another New Trend: ‘Working Vacations’

There is still a yet to be answered question of the remote working era: what happens to corporate culture when employees never meet face-to-face? As…

What’s in a Name? $700 Million and a Few Headaches

The right to name doesn’t make it mandatory, there’s no law on any book requiring any person to it.

Hotels Seizing Hybrid Opportunities Dropped by Offices

The past 18 months have blurred the line between home and office as kitchen tables become boardrooms and closets become offices. Remote employees have carved…

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