How Occupancy Data Transforms the Way We Operate Buildings

Buildings have always been static objects but now, thanks to technology, building managers are able to respond dynamically to environmental changes and improve the way that the building runs. None of this can be done without data. Some of the most important data when it comes to a building’s function is occupancy data. But occupancy data is not always as straightforward as people might think. 

This Propmodo Research report outlines how occupancy data can be collected, what it can do to help a building be managed better, and how it can impact the profitability and valuations of the property. Occupancy data has become a foundational piece of a modern building so property owners and operators need to know as much as they can in order to provide the best experience for occupants and maximize the abilities of any building.

In this report you will learn:

  • Methods for collecting occupancy data and the pros and cons of each method
  • How to calculate occupancy including peak rates and mobility ratios
  • Using data for building operations such as HVAC management and cleaning schedules
  • How occupancy data can enhance valuations, compliance efforts and more

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