How Software Is Helping Building Owners Lower Operating Costs

With the economy in decline, building owners are looking for ways to reduce expenses. But the down market also has occupiers expecting more from building owners like carbon reporting and occupancy intelligence. Reducing staff might seem like the quickest way to save money but the building’s performance and the service provided to occupants often suffers. Instead, building operators can use technology to keep operating costs down while increasing their ability to satisfy their tenants. With the right technology in place buildings can do everything from reducing energy use to improving cleaning and maintenance schedules to streamlining the leasing process. 

Join us as we have an in-depth conversation about exactly how buildings can use technology to answer important questions such as:

  • What can I do to reduce energy use?
  • What equipment should be replaced first?
  • What is the ideal cleaning schedule?
  • What services do my tenants value most?
  • What a building can do to earn additional revenue?


Adnan Rugovac

Tenant Coordinator & Building Manager

JEMB Realty Corporation

Daniel Russo

Chief Product Officer

Building Engines

Franco Faraudo

Editor & Co-Founder


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