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Will Regulation Limit Real Estate’s Use of Mobile Location Data?

Not long ago, few outside the tech industry had heard of mobile location data. Since the first smartphone, software developers have harnessed this precious data collected by an army of mobile phones. Only recently has…

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Not All Mobile Location Data Is Created Equal

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Foot Traffic Is Vital for Retailers, so Why Do Lease Deals Lack Data?

Brick-and-mortar stores are still reeling from the growth of e-commerce, which mushroomed during the pandemic. Today the retail real estate sector remains in flux, impacted…

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Which retailer would be the most successful at a given location? Which types of businesses are the most complementary to each other? How far should…

Office Occupancy Is Too Complicated for One Number

We love to simplify things. No matter how complicated a concept might be, we want to find ways to boil it down to one easily…

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