Propmodo Metatrends 2019

There Is No Escaping the Automation of Commercial Real Estate Brokerages

As part of Propmodo's Metatrends series, I moderated a discussion panel in Los Angeles about automation in real estate brokerage.

Logan Nagel By Logan Nagel

Los Angeles’ First Chief Design Officer Talks About the Future of City Planning

At our Propmodo Metatrends 2019 event in Los Angeles, we were lucky enough to join Christopher Hawthorne to discuss his

Franco Faraudo By Franco Faraudo

Does Tokenization Lead to Democratization in Real Estate?

In early 2016 the price of the then relatively unknown blockchain cryptocurrency Bitcoin skyrocketed. Between the non-stop news coverage trying

Franco Faraudo By Franco Faraudo

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How Technology Can Enable Opportunity Zone Deal-Making

Opportunity Zones are one of the hottest topics in commercial real estate right now. This isn’t surprising considering the market is estimated to be as

By Ron Rossi

Space-as-a-Service is Changing Real Estate and the Way Companies Work

Tech is changing the world at a breakneck pace, but not always in a good way. For those invested in the traditional commercial real estate

By Jeff Wheeland

The Looming Real Estate Data Oil Boom

If data is indeed the “new oil,” then real estate is lingering in the era before the invention of the automobile. Prior to the boom

By Jeff Wheeland

Podcast: How Tech Is Helping the Real Estate Industry Make Better Decisions

One of our goals in creating the Propmodo Metatrends series was to try and examine specific ways technology is changing the property industry and ask

By Franco Faraudo

The Office of the Future Resides Somewhere Between Hardware and Software

Imagine a futuristic world where the moment you are pulling into the parking garage of your office, your phone tells you there is an open

By Jeff Wheeland

Flexible Office Design Adapts to Fast Moving Companies and Employees

Imagine you are a commercial real estate owner. You just leased out 20,000 square feet of space to the hottest new tech company in town

By Jeff Wheeland

Overcoming Opposition to Automatic Valuation Models in Commercial Real Estate

As professionals with an interest in PropTech, most of us are open to the idea that the right technology implemented in the correct way can

By Logan Nagel

The Mobility Revolution: How It Will Change the Future of Real Estate

The other day I was walking in my town and saw an older man riding his bicycle down the sidewalk. As he approached a turn,

By Jeff Wheeland
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