Propmodo Metatrends 2021

Changing the Face of Our Cities With ‘Inside-Outside’ Office Retail Amenities

The pandemic disrupted our life and work, but it also has provided an opportunity to reimagine cities. It also gives

Patricia Kirk By Patricia Kirk

Follow the Money

Technology costs a lot to develop and even longer to turn a profit on. For this reason, one of the

Franco Faraudo By Franco Faraudo

Beyond the Metatrends

A roundtable conversation about what's next for commercial real estate

Franco Faraudo By Franco Faraudo

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The Quest to Aggregate Flexible Office Data

Office buildings are valued based on the strength of their leases. As I talked about at length in my previous Metatrend essay, this has been

By Franco Faraudo

PropTech API Integrations? Now You’re Speaking My Language

‘Data is the new oil’ has become a popular refrain as our digital economy becomes the world’s most valuable asset. If that’s the case, then

By Kyle Hagerty

Incentivize or Die

Leveraging tax breaks, gamification, and design to make buildings more sustainable

By Lauren Long

The New Broker Order

Commercial brokerages are adapting how they sell properties—and themselves

By Logan Nagel

Underwriting Flexibility

How and why flexible offices should change the way we value buildings

By Franco Faraudo

De-Densification and the New Metrics of the Office

In evolutionary biology, there is a theory called ‘punctuated equilibrium.’ It holds that instead of slowly evolving over time, evolutionary changes happen rapidly and suddenly.

By Antony Slumbers

Brick and Mortar’s Contribution to Omnichannel Retail Strategy

Many of us grew up during what I like to call the gilded age of the shopping mall: where all of the usual suspects in

By Samantha Colin

Seeing the Matrix

How buildings are helping managers see the signal through the data noise

By Kyle Hagerty
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