St. George, Utah-based Wilson Electronics has launched a new line of professional grade boosters built to bring strong, reliable cell coverage into larger interior spaces.

The booster is engineered for installation in larger areas where signals are generally weak or cannot penetrate because they are blocked by materials used in a building’s construction, such as concrete and steel.

According to Wilson, independent lab tests demonstrated that their product has an indoor coverage area up to 6 times larger than competing boosters.

“Wilson’s consumer signal booster lines have proven very popular, and we’re receiving requests for professional grade solutions, particularly to provide coverage for larger areas,” said Laine Matthews, recently appointed Director of Commercial Sales for Wilson Electronics.

The booster system uses antennas and an amplifier to capture available cell signals outside a building, boost those signals and redistribute the amplified signals inside the building, ensuring reliable coverage even inside buildings where signals previously were weak or unavailable.

Wilson’s boosters work with all cell service providers in the U.S. and Canada, including 4G LTE, for all phones and cellular-enabled devices. A self-optimizing Automatic Gain Control automatically adjusts to any change in cell signal conditions, increasing or decreasing the required level of boost for any individual carrier’s signal as needed. Because environmental changes, such as rain, can affect the boosting level inside a building, Wilson’s product helps building owners avoid frequent adjustments to their cell booster settings so they can spend more time on work and less time on company tech issues.

Building owners can monitor the system using a built in uplink and downlink power meter that graphically displays the current signal strength readings.