New Office Occupancy Trends Transforming Performance and Utilization

Examining demand shifts, success stories across sectors, and the impact of hybrid models on occupancy and operational strategies

The way modern workers use offices has changed since the pandemic, and it seems unlikely that we will ever return to the old ways of working. However, many corporate owners and occupiers still consider office occupancy the same way as before, resulting in outdated and often underutilized office spaces that cost building owners and corporate occupiers money and talent.

A new way of working calls for a paradigm shift in how we monitor and analyze office space occupancy. New techniques and technologies are being adopted to help offices become more efficient, and new insights are helping office managers redesign workspaces to benefit organizations and maximize the value of their spaces for building owners and corporate real estate teams.

Join our panel of experts for a live discussion on changing workplace trends and how office managers can better understand their impact on organizations and the buildings they operate. We will answer questions live in this candid conversation and explore how new technologies and best practices from top owners and occupiers are clarifying the new relationship between workers and the physical workplace.

Date: July 30, 2024
Time: 1:00 PM ET, 10:00 AM PT



Franco Faraudo

Editor & Co-Founder


Nic Halverson

CEO and Co-founder


Mahesh Vidyasagar

Global Vice President of Enterprise Real Estate and Workplace

Robert Half

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