New York Offers Real-Time Energy Data From Over 200 Buildings for Hackathon

By Franco Faraudo

As part of an annual hackathon contest, NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) is asking engineers, scientists and app developers to find novel use cases for its RTEM API data (Real Time Energy Management). The unique contest asks app developers to focus on finding ways to enable decarbonization through building electrification.

Dozens of RTEM vendors collect this data in real-time from more than 200 commercial and multifamily properties located throughout the state. Data sources include building automation systems and connected devices, utility meters, equipment submeters and IoT sensors. These buildings have all been involved in NYSERDA’s energy upgrade incentive program which helps owners of commercial, multifamily and industrial properties install or upgrade technology to continuously monitor energy consumption. This data is then analyzed in the cloud, identifying optimization opportunities for buildings.

A key focus of the hackathon is identifying RTEM opportunities that don’t depend on incentives from New York State’s investor-owned utilities. Use cases that demonstrate ways to increase the confidence of building owners and operators to adopt RTEM will receive a higher score from the judges. Winners will split $55,000 in cash prizes and their app will be promoted to NYSERDA’s network of vendors and building owners.

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