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RealPage Cites Recent Price-Fixing Ruling in Antitrust Defense

Last week, a U.S. Court reversed a decision in the antitrust case U.S. v. Brewbaker. The Department of Justice had indicted Brent Brewbaker for his

Has a Chinese Tech Company Cracked the Smart City Code?

Sidewalk Toronto. Masdar City. Songdo. There have been so many smart cities that have been scrapped or have failed to live up to their expectations.

Commercial Property Valuations Facing Increased Scrutiny

Former President Trump's real estate company is facing accusations of fraud in New York due to alleged overvaluations of his properties. One of the focuses

SEC Rule Change Will Have Big Impact on Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate investments have typically been made by high-net-worth individuals. This is partially due to the high price tag of most commercial real estate

Potential Changes Ahead for Commercial Lending Standards

In response to the 2008 sub-prime mortgage crisis, global regulators aimed to avert future financial disasters. They gathered under the "Basel Committee on Banking Supervision,"