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Behind RXR’s $1B Loan Modification of its Manhattan Office Tower

RXR Realty, one of the largest real estate owners and developers in New York City has some of the Big Apple’s most notable properties in…

LA’s Coolest New Office Tower Marvels in Its Empty Elegance

In his recently released book, Humanise: A Maker’s Guide to Building Our World, Thomas Heatherwick, founder of London-based design and architecture firm Heatherwick Studio, asserts…

Outdoor Workspace To Take Center Stage at Downtown Los Angeles Office Project

Companies are still trying to court (or command) workers back into the office, attempting to lure them with the latest amenities that would make any…

These Ten U.S. Cities Are Converting the Most Offices to Residential

Stubbornly high office vacancy rates around the U.S. have led to a lot of cities and building owners exploring converting office properties to residential buildings.…

U.S. Still Trails World in Return-to-Office

Within the last several months, the return to the office has been all the rage. Amazon did it, Meta did it, and so did Farmers…

How Office Market Challenges are Impacting Property Taxes

The office sector had a difficult couple of years. This isn't just bad for office building owners; cities rely on the tax revenue from property…

Change Management Is Key To Transitioning Employees to a New and Unfamiliar Workplace

Humans naturally don’t like change. We get anxious and even distressed when confronted with a new situation. This doesn’t only affect our personal lives; it…

What San Francisco’s AI Leasing Boom Means for Its Office Market

When news broke that Hive AI signed a lease for more than 57,000 square feet in a San Francisco office building next to the city’s…

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