Sound Opinion: The Impact of Acoustics on Employee Success

The open office plan has a long and complex history in America. The origins of the open office can be

Scott Hamilton By Scott Hamilton

New Climate Rules Are an Opportunity, Not a Threat, to Commercial Real Estate

Shortly after mobilizing $400 million of long-awaited Inflation Reduction Act funds to facilitate the adoption of energy-efficient codes for new

Mahesh Ramanujam By Mahesh Ramanujam

Adapting Mixed-Use Buildings for Remote Work

We have ushered in a new era of flexibility for the American workforce. Remote work was first seen as a

Kevin Newman By Kevin Newman

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How Office Market Challenges are Impacting Property Taxes

The office sector had a difficult couple of years. This isn't just bad for office building owners; cities rely on the tax revenue from property

By Natalie Kwan Lloyd

A Guide to Rescue Capital in Commercial Real Estate

In even the best market, owning commercial real estate can be challenging. Financial pitfalls can arise unexpectedly, threatening projects and pushing properties to the brink

By Eric Brody

Unleashing AI’s Power to Revolutionize Commercial Leasing

Commercial real estate is undergoing a transformation like never before. Gone are the days when commercial property companies refused to change, preferring to stick to

By David Schrader

ESG Is Transforming the Multifamily Real Estate Landscape

I have to be honest, when I first heard the term ESG, I doubted how much it would be adopted by the real estate industry.

By Thomas Stanchak

Local Law 97: The City That Never Sleeps Is Finally Waking up to Climate Change

Famously, New York is the city that never sleeps, but over the past century, the Big Apple has been ‘sleepwalking’ towards a climate crisis. Of

By Rasheq Zarif

Geothermal Energy Poised to Transform Built-Environment Decarbonization

Building owners have a lot of options to consider right now when looking to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, as there are plenty of

By Tony Hans

Daughter of Famous Civil Rights Author Takes Aim at the Property Industry in New Book

If you want an eye-opening gut punch about racism in America, read The Color of Law. Released in 2017 the book documents the history of

By Franco Faraudo

Retro-Commissioning Buildings Is a Path to a Greener Future

The climate change saga is at a point where the goal is no longer to avoid climate change. That opportunity has already come and gone.

By Matt Zweibruck
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