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Commercial Real Estate Brokerages Not Sweating Non-Compete Ban—Yet

In late April, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) finalized a ban on non-compete clauses in employment contracts. The new rule means that employers can no…

Amid Insurance Crisis, Property Owners Find New Ways To Save

Skyrocketing property insurance premiums, triggered by the increasing frequency and severity of climate events such as storms and wildfires, have become a crisis for commercial…

New Eyes in the Sky Are Helping Mitigate Natural Disaster Risk

As we enter hurricane season (pun very much intended) and with wildfire season not too far away, the entire country seems to be worried about…

NYC Waterfront Redevelopment Promises Largest Wind Port, Jobs, and Urban Renewal

Back in May, New York City leaders made a big announcement about Brooklyn’s waterfront. A large chunk of land along the borough’s southern waterfront was…

Tech is Helping Detect Sophisticated Rental Fraud Schemes

The pandemic caused many massive changes in the real estate industry. The one discussed most often is the shift to remote work and its impact…

Balancing Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality

Since the pandemic, indoor air quality (IAQ) has become an essential consideration for protecting building occupants and attracting quality tenants. Concurrently, energy efficiency remains a…

Advances in Heat Pump Technology Could Help Spur More Adoption

Heat pumps have become almost a household name recently, as homeowners and commercial real estate owners embrace the technology as a more environmentally friendly and…

Smart Vents Modernize Outdated Central Air Systems Without a Full Overhaul

When you have a large building, you need to be strategic about heating and cooling it. That's why almost all large-scale commercial HVAC systems are…

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