The first five companies invited to join Elmspring’s 2017 accelerator class have been announced. The Chicago-based real estate technology accelerator supports startups through a network of real estate and venture partners. The new session will begin on June 26th.

Founded by real estate entrepreneurs Thomas Bretz and Adam Freeman, the Elmspring accelerator is an intensive, four-month program which includes educational and networking opportunities for the participants.

Each startup receives seed capital, access to Elmspring’s network of advisors and mentors, office space at Chicago’s tech hub 1871 and a host of professional services and resources. They also participate in a Rush Event, pitching to over 300 investors, customers, and partners.

“We are particularly excited about the 2017 class which expands real estate into IoT, airports as real estate, and startups in the services industry looking to service developers and property owners alike,” said Bretz.

From turnkey housekeeping and a Total Home Manager solution, to tech for the private flight industry, Elmspring is looking to invest and impact real estate in many ways. Some of these solutions, like streamlined property tax and energy solutions are cutting costs as well as cutting edge.

“The Elmspring class of 2017 includes an impressive list of companies looking to innovate. We look forward to partnering and mentoring them to help exceed their professional expectations,” said Elmspring Executive Director Bob Gillespie.

In addition to the following four companies, four participants will be added soon according to Gillespie.

The Minte offers hotel-style housekeeping to residential high-rises for $15 to $20 per appointment. Residents can book online, via the app, or request same day service by pressing a dash-like button on their way out the door. The company uses a building-centric model to increase operational efficiency, staffs housekeepers full-time to provide consistency, and extensively leverages technology to maximize affordability and convenience.

Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp. developed an advanced Learning loT or lloT Clean Tech Platform with an advanced loT Edge Computing Gateway. This platform is certified for Utility Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs across the United States and covers Building and Process Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Systems Improvement. It has also been approved for use in the Japanese, British Isles, European Union, and Canadian markets.

ChartAir is a digital platform that takes the hassle out of gathering fee information for private aviation flight planning. By making airport fees more visible across the United States, ChartAir, takes away the need to call each airport for fee information and improves flight coordination efficiency by giving pilots, businesses, operators, and aviation software providers instant access to those fees.

Property Tax Detective Co. is a data analytics company that developed a cloud-based platform for analyzing and appealing property taxes in the United States. Using this platform, individual homeowners, new home buyers, and/or industry professionals can research, track, and analyze property taxes in minutes regardless of where they care. Users can quickly analyze all available appeal avenues for any residential property, dynamically evaluate property exemptions, find property tax refunds, and generate property tax reports for individual appeals.

My Town HOA (MTH) targets busy professionals, independent seniors, realtors, home buyers/sellers, second residence owners, and homeowners who want to off-load home maintenance and gain more time to enjoy their lives and families. Their Total Home Manager provides home maintenance and repairs by vetted, trustworthy service providers in the local community. Accessible by text, email, and phone, MTH also has a mobile gateway that can generate a home maintenance diary for every customer with regular scheduling for key maintenance.