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Retail Brokers Are Adding Science to the Art of Tenant Selection

Which retailer would be the most successful at a given location? Which types of businesses are the most complementary to each other? How far should…

Public Restroom Scarcity Takes a Toll on Commercial Property Owners

If you want to flush out the competition, invest in the bathroom. That adage has rung true for businesses for years—just ask the founders of…

The $300 Million Redevelopment Project That Aims to Revitalize Downtown Detroit

The Detroit-based development firm Bedrock is behind the major effort to revitalize downtown Detroit, and one of its upcoming projects looks to be one of…

Future-Proofing Retail Property Operations With a Software-Led Approach

The last couple of years have been turbulent for customers and retailers alike. Since the onset of the pandemic, spending habits have changed dramatically. Not…

The Rise of the “Retail Village”

The city of Oakland, California’s Community and Economic Development Committee is keeping a team of developers on the edge of their seats—again. On March 14,…

Tech Helps Pinpoint the Right Retail Combo at Mixed-use Properties

Maybe a coffee shop, perhaps a Chinese takeout, or even a dry cleaner. In places like Manhattan, it has long been the case that, invariably,…

How a Popular Texas Book Chain Built a Modern Office Building on a Budget

The most expensive office buildings tend to get all the headlines. But not every company can afford to be in the cream of the crop…

Will Soaring European Energy Costs Lead to More Solar Panels on Retail Buildings?

Five months ago, chef Tom Davies and his partner, Libby Driver, took over the lease of The Village Inn, a pub nestled in Swindon, England.…

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