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U.S. Still Trails World in Return-to-Office

Within the last several months, the return to the office has been all the rage. Amazon did it, Meta did

Barbra Murray By Barbra Murray

The Data Behind the Office Sector’s Flight-To-Quality

The rebound of the United States office sector appears nowhere in sight. Overall vacancy rates are far from pre-pandemic levels

Barbra Murray By Barbra Murray

Where Commercial Real Estate Brokerages Earn Their Revenue

When the topic of commercial real estate brokerages come up, images of “for lease” and “for sale” signs come to

Barbra Murray By Barbra Murray

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Demand for Creative Office Space Buoys Industrial-To-Office Conversions

Even as industrial real estate remains in high demand thanks to the continued growth of e-commerce, not every building in the asset class can be

By Barbra Murray

Blackstone’s BREIT, the UC System’s New Investment Darling, Faces Scrutiny

Everybody likes to talk about Blackstone, especially when it’s less-than-positive news about the world’s largest private REIT. This was the case with the release of

By Barbra Murray

Commercial Real Estate Might Save First Republic Bank

The stability of First Republic Bank is shaky but its management claims to have some ideas for regaining solvency. One of those may include selling

By Franco Faraudo

Mapping Out the Top 5 Office REIT Portfolios

It’s been a tumultuous few years for the office market, and the volatility is being felt by publicly traded real estate companies that have made

By Holly Dutton

Commercial Real Estate Services Firms Go Deeper on ESG Offerings

Not even the precarious economic climate is dissuading the commercial real estate industry from maintaining a commitment to ESG. Leading commercial real estate services firms

By Barbra Murray

It’s Consolidate Or Die For Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage lenders face unprecedented losses, prompting industry consolidations as up to 30% of the largest banks risk disappearing. While big players like Rocket Mortgage and

By Franco Faraudo

Walker & Dunlop’s Female-Led Lending Team is Challenging Industry Norms

Men have always dominated commercial real estate. But recently, women have made strides in growing their presence in the industry, and a recent occurrence at

By Barbra Murray

When Is a House a Burden?

The "house burdened" metric is used to determine affordable housing, but it may not be fair for all income levels. Learn about its limitations and

By Franco Faraudo
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