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Office Evolution

How office layouts are adapting to hybrid work

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Cisco Systems Expands into Office Tech with Hybrid Work Software

Now that companies are adapting to hybrid schedule work schedules, employers are trying to determine how to transform their spaces into high-tech, wellness-centric locations that

By Barbra Murray

Building Owners Adopt Digital Signage To Cut Costs and Improve Occupant Experience

Property management teams are constantly getting bombarded with problems. Between service calls, hot/cold complaints, double parked cars, and overflowing package rooms, they have a lot

How Outdated Antennas Are Crippling 5G Connectivity in Office Buildings

Cell phone usage around the world is the highest it’s ever been. In the decade between 2011 and 2021, the share of Americans who own

By Holly Dutton

A New Era of High-Tech Building Facade Cleaning Solutions

Exterior building cleaning is big business in the U.S. According to IBISWorld, the industry, which provides exterior cleaning services for both commercial and residential buildings,

By Christian Allred

EV Charging Poised To Become a Fixture of Future Office Leases

Whether you like them or not, electric vehicles are poised to be a big part of our future. The industry is growing, driven by legislation

By Holly Dutton

Water Reuse Systems Are Becoming Part of the Flight-to-Quality Equation

When we talk about office flight-to-quality, where occupiers are increasingly focused on leasing office space in high-quality, modern buildings to better lure employees back to

By Emily Gallagher
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