The New Wave of Heat Pumps in Building Decarbonization

At a recent panel discussion during New York Climate Week, executives from some of the most well-known real estate firms,

Holly Dutton By Holly Dutton

Tech’s Answer to Age-Old Indoor Temperature Problems

If you have worked in an office for any period of your life, you have likely said to yourself, “Why

Franco Faraudo By Franco Faraudo

Why Indoor Air Quality Should Be Your Next Office Upgrade

Air quality is not something that is at the forefront of most people’s minds until something happens that emphasizes its

Barbra Murray By Barbra Murray

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Water Reuse Systems Are Becoming Part of the Flight-to-Quality Equation

When we talk about office flight-to-quality, where occupiers are increasingly focused on leasing office space in high-quality, modern buildings to better lure employees back to

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How Heat in Wastewater Can Help Power Buildings

By now, you’ve probably heard that real estate has an energy problem. And by energy problem, I mean that it’s responsible for almost half of

By Emily Gallagher

Is Bipolar Ionization All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

It may all seem like a blurry memory now, but at one point in just the past three years, air quality was the biggest topic

By Holly Dutton

Solar Energy in the Built World is Going Beyond Simple Rooftop Panels

Solar energy is cheaper than ever, and its use is growing fast. A U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) report recently found that nearly half of

By Nick Pipitone

Study Validates Smart HVAC’s Ability to Save Energy in Office Buildings

Heating and cooling an office used to be really easy. People would show up in the morning and leave in the evening, Monday through Friday,

HVAC Tech Has Made Strides in the Last Decade, But Most Buildings Don’t Know That

We owe a lot to the technology that heats and cools our buildings. After all, it’s what shaped modern life. Cities in otherwise unbearably cold

By Emily Gallagher

To Cool Buildings More Efficiently, We Turn To An Ancient Technology: Ice

As we settle into winter, many of us may not be thinking of air conditioning in the Northern Hemisphere. But with labor shortages and supply

By Nick Pipitone
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