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Unlocking AI’s Potential in Creating Productive Office Environments

Artificial intelligence is already proving its prowess as a designer. The digital world was the first to embrace AI’s ability

Franco Faraudo By Franco Faraudo

Exploring the Role of Chairs in An Evolving Workplace

Chairs are some of the oldest human artifacts, but the office chair was invented in 1849 by Thomas E. Warren.

How Companies are Creating Personalized Workspaces

When it comes to office design, few topics create as much debate as open seating. Companies realized that getting rid

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Third Space is Reshaping Office Dynamics and Interactions

Gone are the days when office space can be broken down into two distinctive categories: work desks and conference rooms. Now, we are seeing offices

Changing an Office Layout Without Knocking Down Walls

The entire corporate world is trying to relearn the best way to use an office. As the pandemic disappears in our rearview mirrors, we are

Cisco Systems Expands into Office Tech with Hybrid Work Software

Now that companies are adapting to hybrid schedule work schedules, employers are trying to determine how to transform their spaces into high-tech, wellness-centric locations that

By Barbra Murray

The Potential of Flexible Offices for Large Organizations

During the pandemic, many organizations learned that employees valued the experience they were able to have while working from home. However, as the pandemic begins

Virtual Offices are the Commercial Office Sector’s Biggest Threat

“The Oasis. It’s a place where the limits of reality are your own imagination. You can do anything, go anywhere,” Wade Watts says of the

By Kyle Hagerty

The Future of Office Furniture in a Post Pandemic World

Our offices are never going back to the way they were. The hard truth most companies don’t want to hear is that the ‘traditional’ office

By Kyle Hagerty

The Next Generation of Offices Can Be Accessed Anywhere

But will mobile and virtual offices destabilize the market like co-working spaces did?

By Logan Nagel

The Agile Workplace Can Finally Put An End To Wasteful Offices

Workplaces have always been wasteful: empty offices with lights blazing, computers whirring overnight, giant meeting rooms warmed for a party of two. Taken individually, these

By Ari Kepnes
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