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More Tenant Engagement

Balancing Automation and Human Interaction in Multifamily Communities

In the multifaceted realm of multifamily communities, property management professionals often find themselves walking a tightrope. On one hand, the rise of automation has ushered…

Offices of the Future Welcome the Outside Community

It's no secret that today’s workplaces have changed dramatically from the somber network of sequestered cubicles. If the COVID-19 pandemic proved anything, it’s that most…

Tech-Enabled Art in Real Estate Can Be a Mesmerizing Amenity

Amid the concrete jungle of downtown Chicago lies a digital art experience that you have to see to believe. The CNA Center at 151 N…

Office Landlords are Using Engagement Data for Lease Renewal Negotiation

It's no secret that the majority of workers prefer working from home. Despite the home environment's known shortcomings, many workers don't see the extra work…

Flex Space is the Next Big Office Amenity

Let’s face it, the office hasn’t evolved much over the last 30 years. But a global pandemic certainly changed that. Faced with tenants seeking spaces…

How Parking Is Being Turned Into a Building Asset, Not a Burden

No one looks forward to parking. Discovering parking that is affordable, available, and close to the destination can make people consider just staying home. No…

Old Multifamily Buildings Have No Excuse Not To Host a Modern Experience

Do renters have to choose between where and how they want to live? No, old multifamily buildings can provide competitive experiences.

Your Tenant Has a Complaint, Now What?

How the role of a landlord keeps getting advertised as “the best way to make passive income” all over TikTok has got to be the…

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