The Distressed Building Playbook

How technology is helping turn struggling buildings around

Right now a lot of buildings are struggling to remain profitable. Thanks to a slowing economy, diminished demand for office space, and escalating cost of capital and inflationary pressure many property owners and managers are looking for ways to boost their building’s bottom lines and prevent handing the keys back to their lenders.

Luckily, there are options for buildings to find ways to be more efficient and marketable. Technology can play an important role in helping buildings remain profitable investments. Join us as we talk to experts who have real world experience retrofitting buildings and streamlining operations.

Topics this webinar will address:

  • Consider what data can be collected to help make better decisions
  • Learn how to analyze data to streamline a building’s performance
  • Discover how to use data to improve leasing
  • Focus on improving tenant satisfaction to help with retention


Brian Wallick

Director, Workplace, Retail & Mixed-Use


Caroline Frith

Chief Strategy Officer


Franco Faraudo

Editor & Co-Founder


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