Where Are Salaries Outpacing Rents?

By Holly Dutton
  • While some Sunbelt cities offer low housing costs, other factors like income can make traditionally expensive cities more affordable for renters.
  • Despite a decline in overall migration, specific data suggests continued movement to smaller cities within major metro areas, especially for Millennials.

We’re all familiar with the narrative around remote workers moving to cities with a lower cost of living ever since the pandemic shifted the office landscape. Places offering more affordable housing options for renters and homeowners, particularly in the Sunbelt region, became popular areas for relocation. But as time has passed, supply and demand factors […]

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By Holly Dutton Propmodo Staff Writer
Holly Dutton is a Brooklyn-based journalist who has reported on real estate for more than 10 years. A Texas native, she spent her early years in journalism covering local politics and photographing NBA basketball for publications including the Houston Chronicle. In her free time, Holly enjoys exploring New York City’s many parks with her husband and son.