Unlocking AI’s Potential in Creating Productive Office Environments

Artificial intelligence is already proving its prowess as a designer. The digital world was the first to embrace AI’s ability

Franco Faraudo By Franco Faraudo

From Manhattan to Phoenix Five Cities on the Co-working Frontier

The co-working sector is changing the office industry, but it is one of the markets that is the most difficult

Holly Dutton By Holly Dutton

The Exclusive Co-Working Clubs That Actually Deliver on WeWork’s Promise

WeWork's meteoric rise was built on a promise. That promise was a workplace where, for a few hundred dollars a

Barbra Murray By Barbra Murray

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U.S. Still Trails World in Return-to-Office

Within the last several months, the return to the office has been all the rage. Amazon did it, Meta did it, and so did Farmers

By Barbra Murray

Change Management Is Key To Transitioning Employees to a New and Unfamiliar Workplace

Humans naturally don’t like change. We get anxious and even distressed when confronted with a new situation. This doesn’t only affect our personal lives; it

By Barbra Murray

Team-Based Return-to-Office Plans Replace Company-Wide Mandates

When J.M. Smucker leaders chose to ask workers to come into its company headquarters in Orrville, Ohio, for as few as six days a month,

By Holly Dutton

As the Workplace Evolves, Law Office Design is Changing Too

Companies across the spectrum have looked to change up their office design and layout in a bid to get their workers back in the office.

By Holly Dutton

WeWork and Regus: A Tale of Diverging Fortunes in the Flex Workspace World

Beleaguered WeWork may be pondering bankruptcy and licking its wounds as it tries to recover with the help of debt restructuring transactions, but the company

By Barbra Murray

AstraZeneca’s Nature-Inspired Offices Aim to Lure Workers Back

Office landlords and tenants have tried what seems like everything to bring workers back to the office, from adding wellness rooms to new office layout

By Holly Dutton

Outdoor Air Quality May Have an Impact on Office Attendance

When thousands of New Yorkers became engulfed in what seemed like an orange cloud of smoke in June 2023 due to a rash of wildfires

By Barbra Murray

The Hot New Office Amenity Is a Broadcast Studio

With something as ubiquitous as a smartphone, everyone can play at being anything from a photographer to a filmmaker. However, the emergence of content production

By Barbra Murray
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